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Marble Restoration

One of the first things people may notice when entering your home or business premises is the floor. If your Marble flooring is fading from dirt, scratches and exposure to the elements, it may be time to restore it back to its natural beauty. Cleaning Marble floors is very important to maintain the freshness of your tiles. You would need to seek professional Marble restoration and cleaning services for the most effective results.

As the years go by, many fine Marble floors become scratched and stained. Ace Tile Ltd uses the most modern equipment that can restore years of wear and tears; and is able to bring back to life even the most tired and damaged marble surfaces. Most scratches and stains can be completely removed by proper marble floor cleaning services.

At Ace Tile we offer complete Marble restoration and Marble floor cleaning services for both Commercial and Domestic Premises.

Our marble restoration process consists of a multiple step mechanical process using diamond abrasive pads and water.  Generally this is a three step process that starts with grinding the surface of the stone with a course grit abrasive pad. After grinding the stone the second step is to hone the surface of the stone with a finer grit abrasive pad.  Honing makes the surface of the stone very smooth but results in very little shine. After honing, the final step is to polish the surface of the stone with fine diamond abrasive to achieve the desired finish.