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Slate Restoration

Slate is a very dense, but soft and easily scratched material with low porosity, slate can be used effectively outdoors as well as indoors.

Slate tiles can look very natural and dull in appearance. In this situation, the slate can be treated with a colour intensifier which will serve to deepen the colour of the stone, enhancing the details on the surface. Cleaning slate tiles is an involved process which requires professional insights.

Slate can be grinded if smooth to remove any scratches and dull appearances; an impregnator is applied followed by a colour intensifier to deepen the natural colour of the stone.

Riven or rough finish Slate can be chemically cleaned then let dry for a few days, before applying an impregnator to prevent water and oil penetration. If desired, a wet finish look can be applied during the slate restoration process.

Travertine Restoration

Travertine is a compact variety of limestone that contains various sized holes that are formed as a result of the continual flow of water through the stone. This creates bands that streak the Travertine. It is the holes that exist in the bands of Travertine, creating its unique qualities.

For those who appreciate Travertine in its natural state, it is important to understand the need for specialised maintenance.  The holes that were created due to the water running through the Travertine over time are easy targets for dirt and grime.  If left unattended, this can cause discolouration to the stone, detracting from the natural elegance of the Travertine.  Travertine cleaning and restoration ensures that both the exterior shine and the inner strength of the floor is restored and maintained.

Marble Restoration

One of the first things people may notice when entering your home or business premises is the floor. If your Marble flooring is fading from dirt, scratches and exposure to the elements, it may be time to restore it back to its natural beauty. Cleaning Marble floors is very important to maintain the freshness of your tiles. You would need to seek professional Marble restoration and cleaning services for the most effective results.

As the years go by, many fine Marble floors become scratched and stained. Ace Tile Ltd uses the most modern equipment that can restore years of wear and tears; and is able to bring back to life even the most tired and damaged marble surfaces. Most scratches and stains can be completely removed by proper marble floor cleaning services.

At Ace Tile we offer complete Marble restoration and Marble floor cleaning services for both Commercial and Domestic Premises.

Our marble restoration process consists of a multiple step mechanical process using diamond abrasive pads and water.  Generally this is a three step process that starts with grinding the surface of the stone with a course grit abrasive pad. After grinding the stone the second step is to hone the surface of the stone with a finer grit abrasive pad.  Honing makes the surface of the stone very smooth but results in very little shine. After honing, the final step is to polish the surface of the stone with fine diamond abrasive to achieve the desired finish.

Terracotta Restoration

At Ace Tile Ltd we know the importance of taking care of your Terracotta floor. Terracotta restoration and cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining the natural shine of your floors.

If treated properly, Terracotta will provide for a beautiful floor which will be hard wearing, warm, stain resistant and extremely easy to maintain. Terracotta restoration and cleaning provides a holistic solution for floor maintenance.

At Ace Tile Ltd we offer a complete Terracotta restoration and cleaning for both Commercial and Domestic Premises. In most cases we will be able to chemically remove your existing floor finish and treat any staining and marks that will have occurred due to the ineffectiveness of your floor seal. When we are satisfied that we have achieved the best results possible - preferably by returning the Terracotta to its natural state, then we allow a sufficient drying time (10 days average) before applying 3/4 coats of our specialist Terracotta floor tile seal.

You can count on our expertise, professionalism and experience to give you 100% satisfaction in Terracotta cleaning.