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Safety Flooring Cleaning

Safety flooring is designed to be safe, hardwearing, aesthetically pleasing and hygienic. It is associated with food preparation areas, changing rooms, toilets, behind house in hotels etc.

It can over a period of years become dull and discoloured when the correct cleaning regime is not implemented. By combining mild detergents with warmth low pressure and vacuum we can return safety flooring to as good as new even after 10 years!

Cleaning safety floors is skilled work for technicians. High pressure, excessive heat and strong inappropriate chemicals are not the answer to cleaning safety floors. They can lead to poor results and at worse damage the flooring system.

Anti Slip Treatments

Many anti slip systems simply don't work. At best they may be effective when they are first installed but rapidly lose their effectiveness. One of the main reasons for this is that the floor needs to be absolutely spotless before it is treated with the anti slip. Unless the treatment is done at the new build stage many contractors find it virtually impossible to get the floors this clean. The bespoke "retriever" deep cleaning process used by Ace Tile Ltd cleans the floor to unprecedented levels. The combination of emulsification, heat, vacuum and pressure surgically removes any dirt from the surface prior to applying the anti slip system.

How often have you seen heavy rubber or plastic matting used around pools and in changing rooms in an attempt to overcome the slippage issue. These are both unsightly and a haven for germs and bugs. The anti slip system gets round all these issues.

Anti slip is a unique virtually invisible liquid applied safety surfacing treatment for: Ceramic Tiles Quarry Tiles, Marble, Granite, Porcelain, Terrazzo & Concrete.

Anti slip can be applied with Minimal disruption and downtime and can be walked on immediately following application.

Anti slip is effective with a wide variety of footwear and provides outstanding anti-slip properties even where bare feet are concerned.

Anti slip increases the coefficient of friction or slip resistance by moisture reaction not by an acid etching process.

Anti slip has proven in practical site conditions to reduce the growth of bacteria.

Anti slip unlike traditional safety surfacing treatments does not alter the aesthetic appearance or integrity of the substrate therefore decorative tiled or natural stone surfaces such as marble or granite appear virtually unchanged.