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ACE Tile Service Package Options

We promise NO high-pressure sales with NO hidden costs. The prices we quote you are fully inclusive of all solutions, machinery and labour to ensure the job is done right.
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We only have one standard of cleaning - thorough, professional and exhaustive.

Package Details

Protecting Surrounding Areas
This is the process of ensuring that surrounding areas are protected from the tile cleaning process.

Dry Soil Removal
In this stage we clear the area to be treated of any surface debris.

Pre - Spray Treatment
Here we coat the surface to be treated with a specific chemical spray that starts the cleaning process. This treatment is left to soak for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Grout Line Scrub
In this process we utilize a specific tool to scrub the grout lines of dirt and grime futher activating the chemicals in the pre spray treatment.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
We now utilize the latest in high pressure cleaning equipment to blast soil and dirt from the tile, grout and stone surfaces whilst the high power vacuum system removes the waste for disposal.

Protective Clear Seal (Silver Package Only)
For this stage we apply a clear protective compound over the clean grout lines. This protects the grout lines from future staining and maintains the original colour of the grout and protects the grout from day to day cleaning.

Coloured Grout Sealing (Gold Package - Not available for stone tiles)
Coloured grout sealing is a dynamic product that will restore the look of the tile grout and protect it permanently.

Coloured Grout Sealing - The Details

  • Colour Sealing offers an increadible alternative.
  • Colour seal is a grout sealer - once applied it does not allow the penetration of any moisture - better than that it comes in 12 standard colours and when applied looks and feels like grout.
  • This means that grout can be restored to "better than new" and have qualities that will makes its ongoing maintenance far easier than uncoloured sealed grout.
  • Colour seal evens up the colour and creates clean and sanitary grout lines impervious to moisture
  • Colour Sealing application is virtually odour free so it is applied with the minimum disruption.
  • Colour Sealing provides stain resistant, water tight durable protection. With its built in mildicides it ensures sanitation for years
  • Colour Sealing can match almost any existing grout colour. So you have an option to maintain the original grout colour or more excitingly change the colour of the grout completely.
  • Harsh cleaning chemicals can be replaced by neutral cleaners